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33 Living Food Recipes For Weight Loss and Anti-Aging
Introducing a way of eating for Mind and Body Excellence that also happens to decrease your kitchen garbage by 90%
Mind and Body Excellence means that you will loose the weight that is weighing you down emotionally and physically. You will feel much more A LIVE because you are eating LIVING foods. The SuperNatural Green Diet is inspired by ayurvedic knowledge and living food knowledge. This is a diet of both living foods and properly combined cooked foods.

A guide to self-healing
This is a guide on how to work with crystals to powerfully activate your life. Crystals are millions of years old and have an immortal molecular structure. The methods presented in this book have been used for thousands of years to strengthen us physically, mentally and spiritually. Crystals are perfect transmitters, and have been used as such in electronics for years. Learn to harness the power of the stunning and stoic mineral kingdom. Learn to structure your water with crystals and much more.

The Healing Sounds is a Taoist tradition, and is absolutely brilliant. You will feel the benefits immediately. Every aspect of our body temple is vibrating and has a frequency that can be measured. Sound is frequency and works for you for optimal health and happiness. This practice consists of 7 healing sounds that are associated with 14 major organ systems. This practice can be done everyday in just 10 minutes. I enjoy this practice so much. It has truly assisted me in becoming my best and brightest self.