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Taking good care of ourselves, and free acupuncture

Today's newsletter brought to you by Awaken Acupuncture. Win a free 90 minute session, see contest details below.

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I’m truly inspired by the film, May I Be Frank. It’s a film about a man who changes every aspect of his life simply by making different choices with food...however it’s not so simple at all.

How hard is it to change our patterns? What are our patterns? Is having a cup of coffee every morning considered a pattern that could be addressed in order to arrive at a higher level of health and happiness? If changing the external world is an inside job, does changing what I put inside me help the manifestation process along? In my experience, the answer is emphatically YES.

What if we recognize our habits and simply change it up on a regular basis? There’s that word ‘simply” again. Instead of wine or dessert after dinner, how about a fabulous lavender chamomile tea? Instead of that descendant piece of dark chocolate mid day, how about some kundalini breathe work to give you that boost of energy. Dark chocolate isn’t “bad” nor is wine or dessert, however there is a reaction in the adrenals when we eat sugars, that contributes to the aging process. This isn’t about labeling food good or bad, this is about noticing our patterns and off setting them, giving our brain a chance to rewire in a manner of constant expansion, instead of consistent sameness. Making different choices every day allows the brain to never settle in the patterns of using substances like coffee, chocolate, wine, and carbohydrates, to meet a need in the moment. Instead, ask yourself in that moment, what do I really want? Most of the time I find what I need is an emotional need or silence, not food.

I’ve noticed myself going for the heavy cooked dinner because I’m wanting my mind and my body to slow down. Why do I need a heavy dinner to achieve that? I’ve noticed within myself that I’m not as apt to practice piano, paint or write after I’ve had a heavy cooked dinner, I’m not even as apt to clean the kitchen, read, or wash my face before bed, heavy food takes me out. So my observation is, at some level, I’m using food to wipe myself out. Why? What if I change it up and go for a light blended green drink for dinner 7 nights in a row? Can I change my life by changing my dinner? There’s only one way to find out. I’m giving myself a 7-day challenge of uprooting the social dinner scene of appetizers, wine, bread, etc, and committing to a temporary change to mix things up. Perhaps this will become a good model for a monthly diversion from what have become my dinner habits.

Our bodies work super hard digesting the foods we eat. I grew up eating amazingly decadent foods made with love, however I don’t see that this diet kept my family particularly healthy or slender. After studying how the body works, and how natural foods are designed to support the body’s functions, I’m become acutely aware of what’s not necessary to put inside our bodies.

Mindful eating is a concept I’ve read a lot about. Before taking a bite of anything, look at it. Ask yourself, do I want this to be apart of my body? When we put something in our mouth, it becomes us. We are energetic beings and I believe we take on the energy of what we consume. Most animals that are sold as our food are treated with abominable regard and if we eat animals that come from factory farms we consume that abhorrent reality. Removing that energetic dynamic along with the steroids, hormones, and anti-biotics that come with it, could mean you become a much happier person. There is plenty of organic, grass fed meat available, and this is a much wiser business to support. Note: many restaurants do not use organic grass fed meat, seek out the ones that do and take special note of what you are supporting with your dollar.

The more we become aware of what we put inside us, the more we become aware of our own subtleties, and our own patterns. We are much more sensitive than we realize. The brilliance in connecting the dots between food: and skin, and energy, and body odors, and happiness, etc, is that we truly can become better is many ways than we previously experienced. This will serve us in being our best, for ourselves and for others.

My Light Dinner Challenge:

7 nights of a blended kale drink for dinner, that’s it. If I’m still hungry, I’ll just make more. I tend to keep eating at night when I’m not hungry, so this will help me break that bad habit. This drink is delicious. I call this Breakfast of Champions, but since we are having it for dinner, let’s just call this drink The Champion.

6-7 kale leaves with stems

1 apple, (I like Fuji, but any kind will do)

1 inch ginger root

1 lemon (you can leave the peel on)

5-7 cups water

Blend and enjoy!

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Kale is 45-65% protein, has lots of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, folic acid and much more, so my light dinner is nutrient dense, it should really satisfy me. Kale is considered a superfood because of the phytonutrients it possesses. To read my article on The Top Ten Reasons To Eat Kale click here

Often the most difficult part in changing our diets, even if for a cleanse or a 7-day challenge, is meeting our obligations to feed others. For those that have children, or husbands like mine, that have become delightfully accustomed to a chef, it can be very tough to change our diets because we want/need to feed them. Not everybody needs the same diet. My husband is from far northeast Europe, he requires meat, cheese, and bread daily or he becomes too thin. I, on the other hand, would gain weight and have BO if I ate those things daily. (Remember we shouldn't have to coat ourselves with deodorants and perfumes to smell good. We can smell lovely naturally if we eat enough vital foods). Our heritage plays a very big part in what our body requires for optimal health, happiness and beauty. Regarding children, I’m not sure if it’s for the highest good for human children to drink cow’s milk, however that is a parents choice based on the child individually. I’ve learned that raw cow’s milk is very high in omega 3,6 and 9, but so is hemp seed milk and I don’t have to worry about bacteria or the health of the animal with hemp seed milk, plus I can make it fresh, and without packaging. It is widely known now that the calcium that is in cows milk is acidic, therefore not assimilated by the human body. There are no studies that show cow’s milk improving human bone density, yet the industry has claimed that benefit for years. Look it up, you may be shocked at what you find.

My recommendation when doing any kind of cleanse or 7-day challenge is to prepare meals as you would for the family, and offer them 4-6oz of the Champions drink in addition to their meal. During a cleanse, I always want to feed my husband some of what I make for myself; along with his stuffed peppers or whatever else I make for him. After all, when we’re 80, I’d like him to keep up with me:)


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