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$9,000,000,000 crop and dessert


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Today’s newsletter is about a multi-trillion dollar crop for America!! Yah, good news indeed. America, aren't we ready for prosperity! Also, find a chocolate hemp shake recipe below.

Did you know that America’s success and independence was directly related to the versatile hemp crop? George Washington said, “Oh the mighty hemp seed, sow it everywhere.” In the 40’s the petroleum and lumber lobbyist were successful at running propaganda that connected hemp with marijuana, an entirely different plant, in order to avert the threat this plant posed on their industrial rise. My question has always been, why didn’t the big wigs at the time just get into the hemp business instead of eradicate it?

Randolph Diesel created the diesel engine to run on hemp fuel, a clean burning fuel. We would not be facing the environmental crisis we are facing now had we honored a current sunlight source for fuel. Drilling into the earth for ancient fossil fuel and then refining it, leaving all kinds of toxic residue for the surface of the earth to handle, was a huge step in an inefficient direction. We can live off of current sunlight, by creating fuels and plastics from an above the ground plant source. The growing of hemp also creates much more oxygen in the atmosphere. Imagine a world where the production of fuel actually benefited earth. This is possible now. Oxygen is a cure for all illness. This was proven in the 1940s. Yet illness is a very big business in America, so these simple solutions are hidden from the masses. We did an episode on the history and many benefits of the hemp crop. Episode 3

Hemp provides incredible nourishment as a food source, complete with omega 3, 6 and 9. Hemp is the second largest import into the United States, yet we are not allowed to grow it here while our farmers are subsidized to grow nothing, or mandated to grow genetically modified foods that pollute earth and her people.

Hemp is an incredible textile source, making superb silks, linens and wovens. Shoes, hats, bags and belts are made beautifully with hemp textiles. Canada, Australia, and China are profiting largely by growing this crop while America remains broke and unwilling to legalize it because of lobby power in the oil/plastics and lumber industries. Our government is run by corporations that profit, while the country itself is in distress. This is only allowed to happen because people have advocated their power.

A crop of hemp grows full term in 10-14 weeks and provides 4 times the amount of paper the same size field of trees produce. To add to this equation further, the trees take 50-100 YEARS to grow, making the ratio ridiculously hemp favorable. Hemp is clearly a much better business.

Hemp grows without pesticides, while the textile industry is the top users of pesticides. Pests love cotton and they stay away from hemp. Why are all of these major industries operating in inefficient, unsustainable ways? Pesticides are expensive. Large textile companies spend in the millions on pesticides “protecting” crops when it’s not necessary. Hemp requires no pesticides and can make many types of textiles while saving our earth from the chemical distress that causes imbalances/disasters, and saving companies from large expenses. We certainly are experiencing a much higher frequency of natural disasters, aren’t we?

You have the power folks! We live in a democracy, so it’s important to be educated and vote. We deserve a prosperous country. We deserve a clean country. We have all of THE SOLUTIONS. We must learn more and exercise our vote. 9 trillion dollars exits our economy every year because we don’t grow our own hemp. Let wise up! Participate in the solution. America needs this trillion dollar crop to again free us.

Chocolate Hemp Shake

Hemp is a seed for BEAUTY and strength. It’s a complete protein with all of the amino acids to keep you feeling and looking your very best.

¼ cup hemp seeds {can be purchased in the bulk section with no plastic packaging}
16 oz purified water
1 tbsp raw cocoa powder
1 tbsp raw agave, or honey, or pure maple syrup
4 ice cubes

Soak hemp seeds in water for a couple hours to remove enzyme inhibitors, making it a living food. Drain this water onto a plant. Put hemp seeds in blender with all other ingredients and blend until smooth. This is a fabulous chocolate treat. You can put this mixture in an ice cream maker to make ice cream too! Simple, delicious and highly nutritious, that’s the SuperNatural Green Diet way.

Be sure to look at all the services the SuperNatural Green Diet offers. We want to see you thrive in MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

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More about today's Sponsor Hemptress. Hemptress is a contemporary fashion handbag and accessory brand, who's bags are primarily made of hemp. Many have bonded leather trim (repurposed from recycled leather) and they are all luxuriously lined with a silk/hemp blend lining (pretty as silk, but strong as hemp), except for the vegan collection which has a hemp/RPET (recycled plastic bottles) lining. Even our high quality zippers are from recycled sources, and we use factories that adhere to fair trade practices.

But we don’t stop there. Our labels are made of hemp, our hangtags, business cards, and all collateral are printed on recycled paper, our shipping boxes are made from 100% post consumer waste, and we ship out to customers using a carbon neutral shipping program. We will also be donating a portion of our profits to an animal rights group as well as Vote Hemp.


With great love and admiration,


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