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6 ways to super charge and detoxify


6 ways to super charge and detoxify

Yah! Just a quick mention; congrats, Los Angeles, we have city composting! Have you LA residents noticed the new signs on our green bins? Food waste, (excluding meats) is now acceptable for the green bins, now making composting super do-able for those that don’t have yards or feel that composting is not convenient. Use a canister or bin of some kind for the kitchen food waste, then take it out to the green bin a couple of times a week. Simple! Keep your green bin close to your back door so it’s painless. If you live in an apartment, make sure your landlord has a green bin provided. This one small adjustment in our daily habits that will put, literally, tons of nutrients back into the earth, nourishing the earth, so that it can better nourish us.

6 ways to super charge and detoxify

#1 Dry brushing: Dry brushing activates and helps drain your lymphatic system. Our skin is the largest organ of elimination that we have. When the blood contains toxic materials from food and environment, the skin is the organ that will reflect this with problems. Dry brushing helps remove toxins on the outer layers of the skin, allowing the skin to breathe better. This practice not only is a great way to maintain healthy skin, but it also helps you to maintain a healthy body. Your skin’s ability to excrete toxins is of paramount importance to you for every level of wellness. Stimulation of the skin sets in motion natural healing pathways within your extraordinary body temple which allow for even great imbalances to heal. Buy a dry brush online or at Whole Foods for $10. Start with the bottom of your feet. Brush in upward strokes towards your heart. This feels particularly great on the thighs, while it helps to reduce and remove cellulite. The results are noticeable pretty quickly. Brush your torso, bottom and back in upward strokes, avoiding chest area. Brush fingers, hands, and arms towards the heart. You will feel invigorated afterwards. This is a great 3 minute practice for vitality, health and beauty.

#2 Inversions: I cannot say enough positive things about inversions. Inversion, is putting your body in an inverted posture. This could mean doing a handstand or headstand against the wall or on your own. It could also mean doing a posture like downward dog pose (google image “Downward dog pose” if you’re not familiar with the posture). The pose is a wonderful all over stretch and strengthener that inverts many of your organs. You can receive benefits from simply doing this pose while taking several breaths in the morning and evening. Another option, if you’re not comfortable or interested in yoga poses just yet, is to lay, belly down, on your bed and hang the top half of your body off the side of the bed, rest your forearms on the floor and let the top of your head hang towards the floor. If you’re comfortable in this position, try to raise one leg towards the ceiling, hold for 3 breaths then switch legs. Inversions balance hormones and your endocrine system and combats depression by re-balancing the adrenal glands, affecting physical and emotional health. Inversions increase brain function by providing the brain with fresh nutrients, blood and oxygen. Deep breathing in a headstand, creates healthier lung tissue, making a better respiratory system. Inversions give you a stronger immune system and balance the nervous system. Doing inversions reduces facial wrinkles, so does a headstand, and treat yourself to a natural, free, face lift . Inversions will help to tone your arms and abdomen. Attention men, inversions increase blood supply and nutrients to the hair follicles in your scalp improving hair thickness. Inversions elongate the spine by increasing the space between the vertebrae, relieving the pressure on discs, ligaments and nerve roots, making them an ideal practice for those that struggle with back pain. Doctors, physical therapists and sports trainers recognize inversion as a safe and effective form of therapy for the spine and weight-bearing joints. Inversions clean your digestive system by assisting in flushing out congested blood and toxins. New, warm blood will invigorate the cells and can help you overcome problems with your kidneys, stomach, liver, intestines and reproductive system. You’ll notice yourself becoming better looking, brighter... the best version of you.

#3 Rebounding: Otherwise known as jumping on a trampoline. Parents, say “YES” to the big trampoline your kids want for the back yard. It’s a blessing for the whole family. Jumping up and down on a trampoline literally squeezes the toxins out of your cells and helps to sweat them out of the system. We all have toxins in our system. Unfortunately, modern culture contains less than optimal commercial practices that inhibit our wellbeing. However, we have a powerful line of defense: good healthy food and fun activities, like rebounding. The human body needs to move. The lymph system bathes every cell, carrying nutrients to the cell and waste products away from the cell. Contrary to blood, which is pumped by the heart, the lymph is totally dependent on physical exercise to move. Without adequate movement, the cells are left stewing in their own waste products and starving for nutrients, a situation which contributes to arthritis, cancer and other degenerative diseases as well as aging. Vigorous exercise such as rebounding is reported to increase lymph flow by 15 to 30 times. The best part is, it’s super fun. Turn on some great music and enjoy yourself. Cardiologist say that 10 minutes on a rebounder, 3 times a day, is the prescription for a healthy heart. With heart diseases at the top of American illness and death statistics, I’d like to see more awareness about these simple natural ways people can assist their bodies in healing themselves. My favorite rebounder is called Needak, I know this delightful 80 year old woman named Maria that jumps on her couch in lieu of having a rebounder. I love that spirit, and she is in great shape.

#4 Colon Hydrotherapy: Learn more about colon hydrotherapy by watching this video,
Colon hydrotherapy is as simple as drinking water. This detoxifying treatment will assist in removing hardened waste material that has formed in the colon due to a processed food diet. The benefits from this are a colon that is fully able to absorb nutrients, allowing every action of the body to be improved. Culturally, we are largely unaware of the genetically engineered food that we consume. This food is often very hard to digest, wrecking havoc on our body temple. This is evident as the cancer and illness statistics continue to rise. The body is designed to heal itself. It can’t do this if it is full of waste material that is toxic to the system. The other side of that is, watch what your body can do when it’s a clean functioning system.

Pharmaceuticals are not designed to heal, or they would put themselves out of business. Pharmaceuticals are designed for their intended use, which is to shut off the symptom. This is devastating for the body because the symptom is actually the body’s sign or signal alerting you of the imbalance. The sign and signal is also the bodies healing mechanism. Through the symptom, we know the body is addressing the imbalance and healing itself. This is how our body communicates with us. When we take pharmaceuticals we shut down our bodies own signaling system, making degeneration probable, and more medication “required.” So, pharmaceuticals are not the answer for a healthy happy life. You being empowered and educated on the power of your own body to heal itself is the answer. You are an amazing being! Think of how effortless it was for your eyeballs, organs, nervous system, etc. to be created in your mother’s womb. We are divinely created, and we continue to be. Tune into that, and trust it.

#5 Alcohol scrub: This idea was given to me by a wonderful man named Tyler Tolman with,

Get yourself a bowl of vodka and baking soda. I’d say ½ cup of vodka to 2 Ttbsp of baking soda. With a wash cloth, scrub your skin thoroughly with this tonic while standing in your shower with the water off, then rinse. This is so satisfying. Your entire body will feel so clean. Just as I mentioned in the dry brushing paragraph, waste material is left in our skin, leaving us looking and feeling less than sparkly. This scrub will remove toxins stuck in the skin from lack of sweating, or from not cleaning the skin properly. Keeping the skin as toxin free as possible will lower your risk of sunburn. I’ve read and have had many well studied people confirm to me that what the sun actually burns when the skin gets a sun burn, is the toxins in the skin. If your skin is free of toxins, you are free to be out in the sun for a longer period of time without chemical sunscreens.

Last summer I did several out side art shows, (I am an artist in addition to being a clean food advocate). I was outside all day two days in a row without cover and didn’t burn. I was doing a Gorilla Life cleanse at the time. Gorilla Life is a beverage made from only chlorophyll, water and agave. In nature, the leaves on the trees, bushes and flowers stay in the sun all day every day without getting burnt. It is the chlorophyll, among other nutrients, in the greens that has this relationship with the sun. You’ll find that by eating a lot of greens, and drinking green drinks, you too will gain this relationship with the sun. Another great natural remedy.

#6 Massage: Massage stimulates and drains the lymphatic system in a similar way the dry brushing technique works, by bringing oxygen, chi and movement to the blood. Massage does wonders for the endocrine system by reducing stress. I think massage is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. If massage isn’t in your budget, or if you want to try a new way of connecting to your romantic partner, simply massage one another’s feet, head, hands, shoulders, backs, etc. I have some crystal massage stones I use on my husband and on myself that are wonderful for circulating lymph, oxygen and blood.

Enjoy these practices!

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