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Organic vs. Factory/Conventional Meat


Organic vs. Factory/Conventional meat

The impact we make on our health and our earth with day-to-day food choices is immense. The global food system is a machine built not with the health of people or earth in mind, but on greed and carelessness. The truth of the system is this: to hide from people the truth of their food, because if people knew, they wouldn’t buy it. Our laws are designed to protect this veil, which is a human rights violation.

THE GOOD NEWS IS, it’s easy to avoid the global food system. Follow my guidance, and you will be participating in shifting a system that currently produces devastating consequences.

Buying organic meat is a huge step in the sustainable ethical direction. In the 70’s there were thousands of meatpacking facilities in the US, and today there are only three. This means that conventional meat is the result of a factory system, not a farming system. This fundamental difference has a meriad of profound consequences. The factory system has created deadly bacteria that contaminates animal flesh and leaks into ground water, which goes on to contaminate crops.

The factory system uses fuel to transport grain to feedlots and fuel to transport waste, and pesticides to grow the grain. In the farm system, the animals eat grass, which mows the grass (so no fuel or pesticides are needed there), then the animals poop, which fertilizes the fields, (so no shipping of fertilizer or toxic production of the plastic bags that package it), and subsequently the cows and pigs live healthy happy lives before slaughter.

Flesh from grass fed cows and pigs assimilate in our bodies nearly twice as quickly because the flesh itself is a different molecular makeup rich with nutrients. Grass fed beef contains up to ten times as much omega-3, and has the ideal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. Taking animals off pasture has contributed to omega 3 and 6 deficiency. Research shows that people who are low in omega-3 have a higher risk of cancer, depression, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, asthma, dementia, high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat. Our bodies can't make omega-3, they only originate in green plants. Whether this healthy fat is in fish or a hamburger from a grass fed steer, it was created by plants or algae and migrated up the food chain. Grass fed beef excels nutritionally in vitamin A, E and Beta Carotene, over corn fed beef. ? Corn/grain fed beef has less CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid. CLA has been shown to reduce body fat, help with weight loss, increase metabolic rate, help to lower insulin resistance and cholesterol, among other health benefits. People are eating the wrong meat, without knowing it, which is why we have a health crisis in America.

The difference between conventionally raised and organic grass fed beef and pork is a difference between food that serves us and food that destroys us. The practices on feedlots are not sustainable and are outright horrifying. The cows and pigs in feedlots are standing in there own waste until the truck comes to take them to the slaughter factory. Gross, seriously.

Conventionally raised animals are fed genetically modified corn, a food no body is meant to consume, in order to fatten them up quickly. This goal is achieved because they are not meant to eat that food. Antibiotics are given to them because bacteria like E coli are created in the stomachs of these animals as a result of their inappropriate diet. Today’s ground beef has bits of literally thousands of different steer making contamination of bacteria a big problem. So the factory’s solution to ensure that a recall doesn’t happen is to wash meat in ammonia before packing to kill the E coli. This actually happens! E coli exists because of their business model. Instead of changing their business model, they add further contaminants to the product, and never tell you what they have done to the food you are buying and eating. If the package read, “soaked in ammonia to kill E Coli,” do you think anyone would buy it?

Cows and pigs that eat grasses and clovers are participating in the healthiest or highest version of their life experience, while cows and pigs in feedlots eating GMO corn are participating in the lowest or sickest version of their life experience. The animal’s wellbeing is a vibrational measurement that continues to exist in the flesh you consume. Think about the word consume. Every dynamic of the raising and slaughtering of these animals affects the animal’s ability to nourish us. The low vibration of factory farms, how they operate, how they treat their employees and the animals, is something we literally support and perpetuate if we purchase that food.

Factory raised and processed poultry also live a lifestyle they were not designed to live. Factory or conventionally raised poultry are given hormones that make them grow twice the size in half the time they did 30 years ago. Their internal organs and bones can’t keep up with the growth; therefore many of them can’t walk and are semi “retarded.” Conventionally grown chickens are also given a bath in peroxide to kill bacteria. Is this the chicken you want to eat, or support with your dollar?

The great news always will be that we have a choice, if we’re educated. We can vote with our purchase and help obolish these corrupt practices. If people don't buy it, the system will cease to exist. Statistically speaking, the US spends the smallest percentage of our income on food. Our food prices are skewed to the cheap nutrient-less foods, so we think real food is expensive. It’s not expensive, it’s the real cost of clean and integral agriculture. The low cost of meat in this country is because GMO food, which is the feedstock for beef, pigs and chicken, is subsidized. The consequence of this is an overweight America.

I want to see you thrive! You are so important to the collective whole. This week, make a commitment to yourself and to ethical food production. Shop at local farmer’s markets and grocery stores that sell organic grass fed meat. Research cow or pig pooling in your area, go in with some friends to buy a whole steer or pig from a farmer who can butcher it for you. I’ve read this is a great way to get very high quality meat inexpensively. These wonderful farms still exist across America. Anyone who’s buying meat directly from farmers, please leave us the information on our forum. I’m mostly vegetarian so I haven’t purchased meat like this yet, I would love to share your feedback with others.

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As always, have a vibrant week,

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Written by
Blythe Metz M.MS Rev.
Thank you.