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Anti-Aging Diet, Live Chia Seed Sanwhich Wraps

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Here are some great new ways for you to feed your precious body temple. I’ve known about the nutritional benefits of chia seeds for sometime, I just never knew how to eat them in a way that I enjoy. Finally, I discovered how to prepare this incredible food to my liking. Below are a few different ways to prepare chia seeds.

Chia seeds are the richest vegetable source for the essential omega-3 fatty acid. They have approximately three to ten times the oil concentrations of most grains and twice the protein concentrations. These oils, unsaturated fatty acids, are the essential oils your body needs to help emulsify and absorb the fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, & K, which in one way or another govern your health, energy and beauty.

Live foods are so powerful for the body because they have life force energy and enzymes. Life force energy gives you things vitamins, minerals, and amino acids can not. Instead of the satisfying cooked oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, try the chia seed breakfast, with any kind of fruit you like. Chia seeds will swell with water creating an oatmeal like experience. Add strawberries, apples, raisins, or whatever fruit you choose to sweeten it. See detailed recipe below.

Omega 3 is important for respiration of vital organs and make it easier for oxygen to be transported by the blood stream to all cells, tissues, and organs. Oxygen is medicine. In the 1940s it was discovered that oxygen cures all cancers, yet this information is kept from the public because cancer is a very big business. Hundreds of Millions of dollars are raised and spent in cancer research, even know many ways to cure it already exist and have been shelved.

The essential fatty acids in chia seeds also help maintain resilience and lubrication of all cells and combine with protein and cholesterol to form living membranes that hold the body's cells together. That’s why eating Chia seeds are a part of any anti-aging diet.

Unsaturated fatty acids are essential for normal glandular activity, especially of the adrenal glands and the thyroid glad.This is big time important. They nourish the skin cells and are essential for healthy mucus membranes and nerves. The unsaturated fatty acids function in the body by cooperating with vitamin D in making calcium available to the tissues, assisting in the assimilation of phosphorus, and stimulating the conversion of carotene into vitamin A, which translates into healthy, happy, bones and organs. Fatty acids are related to normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Chia seeds ALSO contain beneficial long-chain triglycerides (LCT) in the right proportion to reduce cholesterol on arterial walls. This is great news! If you have high cholesterol have the chia seed breakfast in the morning several days a week to lower cholesterol!

The Chia seed is also a rich source of calcium as it contains the important mineral boron, which acts as a catalyst for the absorption and utilization of the calcium by the body. This is another reason why chia seeds are important as part of an anti-aging diet.

So…we don’t need pills and injections, we need proper nutrition. These excellent recipes will give your body what it needs to thrive!

Chia seed breakfast for 1

¼ cup chia seeds

1 cup water

berries or fruit of choice

Simply mix the seeds and water together, let sit 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Cut up berries, or apple, or fruit of choice and add it to the mixture. This is like an oatmeal, but LIVING, so high in enzymes and life force energy. Chia seeds will actually absorb 9 times their weight in water, so if you have more time, you can add more water. Experiment with what works best for you. I have friends that make a big batch and eat it for a few days. For me, it works best to just make the portion I want to eat right then. Find what works best for you.

Chia seed crackers/sandwich wraps~ requires dehydrator

1 cup chia seeds

4 cups water

1 tomato (any kind) chopped

1 tsp chili powder

1 cayenne pepper chopped (optional)

pinch sea salt

Stir together seeds and water and let sit for 35-45 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add remaining ingredients and stir together. Place on dehydrator tray with a ParaFlexx™ Premium Non Stick Drying Sheet, (teflon).

Dehydrate for 12 hours, turning over and removing the Teflon halfway through. The longer you dry it, the crisper it will get. So for a soft sanwhich wrap, you only dehyrate for 8-10 hours. For very crispy crackers, dehydrate for 14 hours.

Learn more about Excalibur dehydrators

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